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Carlos and His Dads

Josh and Skylar welcomed their new son Carlos to their family in 2019. The three have nonstop fun together, and Carlos is keeping them very busy!

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Jack and Julie

When Julie and Jack met, she was principal at his school and he was bouncing around homes. They became family just before Mothers’ Day in 2019. Julie was adopted as a baby– she is proud to carry on the family tradition of adoption. With Julie, Jack gains a large extended family, tons of friends, and a support network that is deep and strong.

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The Toles Family

Longtime YGB Parent and Spokesperson, Joe Toles, is the proud father of seven sons! Joe Toles grew up in foster care and aged out of the system when he was 21 years old. Since then, he’s opened his heart and home to kids who would otherwise age out. He believes his role as a father is to make sure each of his sons have the tools they need to thrive.

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The Bryant Family

In May 2015, Aleisha Braide-Bryant and her husband Anthony Bryant went from having just one child living under their roof — her biological teenage son, Mekhi — to six.

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The Bridges

There was a huge turnout of love and support on Haley’s big adoption day. All five of her new brothers and sisters showed up as well as aunts, uncles, and cousins. Her new big family has made it clear – they will come out in droves on her big days! Something to look forward to for a lifetime.

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The Cox-Okawa Family

In July 2018, Jim and Ken achieved their dream family by adopting these two beautiful siblings together. The adoption was finalized with a judge via Skype — a modern family indeed!

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The Wright Family

When Joanne and Christopher Wright met Ryan, they immediately knew he was the child they wanted to bring into their family. They were only at the beginning of their parenting journey, and they were not yet licensed, foster parents.

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Meet the Jacksons

“Making a lifetime commitment to a teen isn’t something we decided, it was something that we just did,” reflects Chester Jackson, an adoptive father of

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Meet Denise and Her Kids

Denise Royal was single and looking for the right person to start a traditional kind of family, when she saw a Wednesday’s Child segment in 2001 She watched the teenager featured, and thought, ‘I have an extra room.

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