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You Gotta Believe: Family Stories

Natasha and Sheldon

When Natasha and Sheldon came to YGB, they already had three children and a desire to provide a permanent home for foster youth.

Brothers adopted together

Manhattan Adoption

The family sought out YGB after providing temporary kinship care to a sibling group. The experience opened their hearts to the possibility of expanding their family through adoption. After completing YGB Parent training classes, YGB staff matched them with two brothers in need of a loving home.

Through YGB classes, they learned about adoption, trauma-informed parenting, and what was expected of an unconditional lifetime family. But more than that, they found a community of people who understood them. They continue to connect with other YGB families through family nights and parent support groups.

Natasha and Sheldon are grateful for the love and support they have received from YGB and the community of parents and former foster youth they have met.

And most of all, they cherish the moments when their children tell them, “Mom and Dad, I love you.” For them, there is no more extraordinary gift than that.

We invite you to learn more about the YGB model. Every child deserves a loving, devoted family! Are you interested in becoming a YGB parent? Older youth in foster care need love, support, and devotion throughout their lives—not just until they turn 18. We welcome all capable families and individuals who would like to provide a permanent and loving home for youth and young adults in the foster care system. Give the gift of family.

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