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Our Mission.

You Gotta Believe (YGB) exists for one reason... to work toward the day when no young person leaves foster care without the unconditional lifetime commitment of a family.

Our goal is to find youth permanent families so that they have the support system they need to live safely and to their highest potential. Whether that means helping youth reconnect to their families of origin, to other people who have played a role in their lives, or to new families that will make a new commitment to be there for life.

We believe no child should leave the foster care system without a lifelong support network in place (family). Everyone deserves a family – and that family is a critical element to human health and prosperity.

Why adopt?

The Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative reports that youth who are adopted from foster care are:

Without a permanent family...

Youth in foster care are vulnerable to poverty, homelessness, criminal justice system involvement, poor health, unplanned pregnancy, and other life altering events:

Join us as a possible parent, a young person seeking family, or as a believer that it’s never too late for family!

You can do it!