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Take action and create forever families during National Adoption Awareness Month

More than 23,000 kids age out of foster care each year.


College Dreams

70% of foster kids would like to go to college


College Degrees

Only 3% of kids who age out will earn a college degree


Teen Pregnancy

7 in 10 girls who age out will come pregnant before age 21


Incarceration Rates

60% of boys who age out have been convicted of a crime


Substance Abuse

1 in 2 kids who age out will develop a substance dependence


Waiting in the System

32% of children who reach 18 in foster care were waiting in the system for than 3 years.

It doesn't have to be this way!

You can change this future by believing that every kid deserves family. 

Join us all month to celebrate families, advocate for youth, and come together to fulfill on our mission to ensure every child find a loving forever family.

Transform the life of a kid waiting in foster care!  

Every dollar counts. Just like every kid counts. 

Calendar of Events

Sunday, November 6  

TSC NYC Marathon 

Team You Gotta Believe is made up of six volunteer athletes who will run through all five boroughs to shine a light on the urgent need for loving, permanent families for older youth in foster care. 

Support Team YGB 

Wednesday, November 9 at 7:30 pm  

Introduction to Becoming a  Parent

If you have ever wondered what it means to adopt from foster care, how the parent training process works, or what makes You Gotta Believe different from other organizations, this session is for you.


Thursday, November 10 at Noon 

Symposium on Moral Adoption

Child welfare leaders, foster care survivors, families, and other stakeholders convene to strategize around a national call to action to move us toward the day when nobody leaves foster care  without being connected to a permanent, loving family.


Tuesday, November 29 

Giving Tuesday

Give the gift of family on this national day of giving! Every gift counts. It takes a team of case workers, advocates, trainers, recruiters, prospective parents, and of course, young people to pave paths toward permanency. Donate

Donate to transform the life of a kid waiting in foster care!

Every dollar counts. Just like every kid counts.

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