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May is National Foster Care Awareness Month

Together, we work toward the day when no young person leaves foster care without the unconditional lifetime commitment of a family.

National Foster Care Statistics

A Closer Look at the Numbers


There are over 390,000 children and youth in foster care

114,000 youth are waiting be adopted and are at risk of aging out of foster care without permanent family connections
Approximately 20,000 youth “age out” of foster care without a permanent family
1 in 5
More than one in five foster youth awaiting adoption are aged 13-17

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Children’s Bureau

In New York City alone, there are hundreds of kids currently awaiting adoption, with 600-700 kids on the verge of aging out. That’s why YGB finds permanent families for young adults, teens, and pre-teens who are most in danger of aging out of the system alone:


Connection to a permanent family is possible for all foster youth!
At You Gotta Believe, we focus exclusively on finding permanent parents and families for older kids in the foster care system


Meet Some of Our Families

Natasha and Sheldon

You Gotta Believe: Family Stories Natasha and Sheldon When Natasha and Sheldon came to YGB, they already had three children and a desire to provide

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Carlos and His Dads

Josh and Skylar welcomed their new son Carlos to their family in 2019. The three have nonstop fun together, and Carlos is keeping them very busy!

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Join the movement

Join us all month to celebrate families, advocate for youth, and come together to connect foster youth to loving permanent families!

Transform the life of a kid waiting in foster care!

Every dollar counts. Just like every kid counts.

Calendar of Events

Join Us in Transforming Lives

Everybody needs and deserves a family!

Due to circumstances beyond their control, about 20,000 foster youth age out of the foster care system without the support of a permanent family.
Joe Toles Family before youngest kids adopted

About the Campaign

This May, in recognition of National Foster Care Awareness Month, we’re uniting to make a real difference in the lives of the 114,000 foster youth who require the care and stability of a permanent family.

Our mission is straightforward: raise $114,000 to symbolize our commitment to each and every one of the 114,000 youth in need.

Why Donate?

At YGB, we believe in the transformative power of family. It’s at the heart of our mission. We know that achieving our vision—a world where no young person exits foster care without the unwavering, lifelong dedication of a loving family—will take collective action.

We can’t do it alone! Your support is vital. Together, we can change the lives of foster youth.

Your support has an IMPACT!

Your donation isn’t just a financial contribution; it’s a lifeline to foster youth. With your support, we will continue to find, train, and connect loving permanent families with these exceptional young people.

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