It’s never too late for family.

Nobody Ages Out Youth Movement

Part of the Nobody Ages Out Movement

Our Mission

  1. Stand up and speak out about the urgent need to find youth in care a family (as first priority)
    • Talk with ACS officials and people in power to implement changes
    • Share personal experiences about the value of having a family
    • Talk about life without a family
    • Share experiences on video to reach a larger audience
  2. Offer support to one another
    • Monthly meeting – Network – Peer to Peer
    • Special events, activities and networking
    • Formal support groups
  3. Support youth currently in care
    • This will involve getting to know the youth, finding out who’s in their lives and making referrals to You Gotta Believe’s family recruitment programs.
  4. Mentor youth with Families
    • Sharing lessons learned
    • Regular telephone contact
    • Advocating for better outcomes and providing peer crisis response when necessary

For more information or to get involved, contact Anni Keane:

Contact Anni

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