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Laughter for the Health of It: The Importance of Laughing Even When Nothing Seems Funny

Laughter is important for both human emotional and mental health and it can play a helpful and healing role in parenting and everyday work and family life. Laughing is one of the healthiest things one can do when confronted with the major stresses and emotional pains in life. This presentation will highlight how one can bring more laughter into both home life and work life particularly during those times when nothing seems funny.

Here’s what we’ll address to make this topic a guaranteed good time:

  • Myths about laughter.
  • Research on laughter and parenting.
  • Empowering ideas and suggestions about how to utilize laughter to help create bonding opportunities with children — particularly with newly placed teens and pre-teens.
  • A full group silliness exercise
  • “The 12 Step Approach to Independent Laughter” that will offer 12 great ideas about how to incorporate more laughter into your life.