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Why wait to start the official home certification process?

What do our classes cover?

The classes begin with a general orientation to the realities of the foster care system and an up close look at the focus and unique values of YGB.  We then cover the documentation required for certification as well as the psychosocial needs of the children in care. We also delve into the immediate and long-term effects on youth of being removed from one’s family and being placed with strangers, issues surrounding youth that are institutionalized and its potential impact on the family. Classes focus on meeting the needs of youth dealing with the trauma of separation, loss, abuse and neglect,  and helping prospective families understand how they can best meet the needs of youth who need the lifetime support of a loving and stable family. Throughout our classes, you will hear from adoptive and foster families as well as foster care alumni and young people currently living in foster care.  We aim to provide the most experiential process as possible, so you get the “real” view of what being a permanent parent is all about. For more information, please contact the training site contact.