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Team Members

Yaridania Betancourt

Director of Operations
Yaridania Betancourt is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in the child welfare sector. Over the past two decades, she has held influential positions, including Associate Director of Operations, and Permanency Caseworker. Since joining You Gotta Believe (YGB) in 2016, Yaridania has excelled in overseeing contractual relationships, developing team members, and analyzing program outcomes. Yaridania’s personal journey, which involved navigating multiple foster care placements, has deeply shaped her perspective. At the age of 19, she demonstrated great courage by signing herself out of care to reconnect with her extended family. Additionally, Yaridania morally adopted a youth she once worked with, further demonstrating her commitment to the importance of family and the transformational impact it can have. These experiences have given her a profound understanding of the challenges faced by youth in foster care and a strong drive to help youth achieve relational permanency. In her current role as Director of Youth Services, Yaridania remains dedicated to making a positive difference and promoting the well-being of children in the child welfare system. Her expertise, compassion, and unwavering commitment are instrumental in creating lasting change and fostering a brighter future for vulnerable youth.