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Team Members

Pamela Rothfeld

Case Planner
Pamela joined You Gotta Believe in 2021 as a case planner. Pamela is passionate about finding forever families for youth in need of them. In her role as a co-leader of Long Island Adoptive Families, she had referred many families to YGB over the years. Joining the team was a natural evolution. Pamela is a special educator, literacy coach, mother of two boys through adoption; she is also a former foster parent. As a support group leader, she works to educate pre-and post-adoptive parents on potential adoption pathways, trauma, speaking with children about adoption, special education topics, transracial adoption, fostering positive relationships with our children’s birth families, and the importance of maintaining connections with birth families. She now shares this information with our YGB families as she supports them in building connections with their children. Pamela has presented on topics relating to adoption and being an adoptive family for AFFCNY and Long Island Adoptive Families. She has provided training for YGB families on Special Education and Traveling with Children.