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Team Members

Nyamekye Reynolds

Nyamekye is both an independent contractor and youth advocate who strives to make the message clear that family sometimes comes in different forms. Whether it’s a church family, after-school instructor or friends who become family, she is all about the conversations around the different types of family and adoption. Growing up Nyamekye entered the foster care system at two weeks old. She was adopted into a family at four years old and always struggled with feeling a part of her family dynamic. It wasn’t until the age of thirteen years old she found out she was adopted. This was challenging for her as she didn’t really understand adoption and began to act out. At the time Nyamekye was enrolled in an afterschool program where she met an after-school instructor Mr. Streety who listened to her and allowed her to share her feelings in a nonjudgmental way. This instructor became like a father figure in her life and is still someone she can call on. Nyamekye is an artist who enjoys art and uses it as an outlet for therapy. Nyamekye is an active leader in NYC communities helping youth and young adults who are impacted by the child welfare system. Nyamekye is a mother who is passionate about raising her daughter to have a heart of gratitude and to follow her intuition while proving that generational curses can be broken. As well as showcasing that children who have experienced childhood trauma can become way more than a product of their environment.