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Team Members

Jennifer Pinder

Executive Director

Jennifer Pinder assumed the Executive Director role at You Gotta Believe (YGB) in July 2020. Ms. Pinder is responsible for overseeing and successfully executing all aspects of the organization, including fundraising, communications, advocacy, strategy, board management, and strategic partnerships. As an adoptee, Ms. Pinder holds a direct personal connection to YGB’s mission and seeks to work collaboratively with her team that consists entirely of credible messengers. Prior to joining YGB, Ms. Pinder held positions as a director at a social science research firm, and as an affordable housing researcher for a national nonprofit organization, both in Washington, DC. She holds an Executive Master of Public Administration from New York University, a Master of Community Planning from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Hampton University. Ms. Pinder resides in Brooklyn, NY.