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Board of Believers (Advisory Board)

Susan Grundberg

Strategic consulting in human services

Susan Grundberg, MSSW, MPA has spent more than 30 years in human services and has successfully conceived of and implemented system and organizational reforms in both nonprofit and government leadership capacities, including four years as Executive Director of YGB (2013-2017). During nine years with NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), including four as Associate Commissioner, she co-chaired the initial implementation of ACS’s efforts to reduce reliance on residential care – returning youth to families as quickly as possible.

In 2008, Susan’s life was transformed beyond measure when she became a mom to two 18-year-old sons. Experiencing the system through their eyes has added a new lens and many levels of complexity, urgency, and passion to her commitment to systemic change.

Susan now serves as an advocacy, implementation, and capacity building consultant, partnering with organizations and jurisdictions across the human services sector – working to design and implement innovative solutions to the most complex challenges and to replicate or scale promising models. She believes that real transformation cannot be achieved working around the edges and loves to work with organizations with big visions.