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Advisory Board

Joelle Keane Tramel

YouTube Global Solutions Manager
Adoptive Parent

Joelle has helped build Google’s advertising business over the last 13 years and currently works to do the same specifically with YouTube. She is known for her innovation in the media industry and bringing people along with her on the digital transformation that is changing our day to day lives.

More importantly, Joelle has created a blended family that has been her dream since childhood. Joelle and her husband, Dennis, fostered two sisters before the privilege of adopting them at ages 10 and 11. Around the same time they welcomed a biological daughter into the mix. Now as a mom of three daughters, she encourages them to live fearlessly since they are all part of a forever family. Joelle believes that all children, no matter the age or situation they came into this world, have the right to feel safe, respected, and loved. You Gotta Believe allows Joelle to go beyond her personal mission to make the world a better place with her family to impact many more young people who still need forever families.