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Board of Believers (Advisory Board)

Jason Rok

Vice President, Finance & Operations, Nontraditional Employment for Women

Jason Rok transitioned to the nonprofit sector in 2015, after a long and successful career working in the global financial markets. He started his career as a settlement clerk in the back office and rose through the ranks to positions of COO and CFO. His experience spans organizations that range from very large international firms to startup boutiques, and now nonprofit organizations as well. Along the way, he was afforded the opportunity to operate in most regions of the world and had functional responsibilities that spanned almost every functional area of the organizations he supported. In each case he worked to build scalable, resilient and cost effective infrastructure that improved the speed and accuracy of the information being processed.

Jason retired from Wall Street so that he could pursue his dream of working for a mission-driven organization. He hoped to work with organizations that impact individuals and families by helping them change the trajectory of their life. While he volunteered and supported numerous charities over the years, he always dreamed of doing something more personally fulfilling in his career. He was rightfully confident that nonprofit organizations would value the steps he took to make a smooth transition, his broad and deep skills, his experience, and of course his passion.

After being introduced to You Gotta Believe by a friend, Jason begged to get involved, because he recognized how lucky he was to have had the support of people he considers “family”.

Jason is grateful to his wife for being so supportive in the pursuit of his dreams, and to You Gotta Believe for the sense of personal satisfaction and societal impact that he has been able embrace. He is also thankful that his wife has become involved with YGB and finds great joy in her support of the organization.