It’s never too late for family.

Voices of Youth


Adoption At Age 20: Nefertiti’s Story

  July 24, 2014

Nefertiti’s biological mother suffered from drug addiction. Nefertiti spent the first three months of her life in the hospital and was exposed to effects of her mother’s drug use until the age of 8.

Guy Jef Adoption

A Thanksgiving Story: Jef and Guy

  July 24, 2014

Jeff and Guy met at a residential treatment center for young men. Jeff was living in one of the cottages, and Guy worked on staff.


A Family Man: Alex Lonzo’s Story

  April 5, 2013

Alex Lonzot is a family man. Nothing is more important to the 23-year-old than his wife Caroline and their 1-year-old baby girl, Harmony Marie Lonzot.

A Family Found: Elijah’s Story

  April 5, 2013

Not every foster child finds a family. The forgotten ones grow up alone in the faceless embrace of bureaucracy, waiting and wishing, like runts in a litter of kittens staring hopelessly out of an emptying box.

Anni & Mary

Anni’s Story

  October 11, 2011

In my case, good parenting made a difference, my mom’s sexual preference did not.

Arelis & Mary

Meet Arelis and Mary

  September 7, 2011

‘I guess it was never really ‘home’ because we were always moving around in shelters.’ reflects Arelis.