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YBG runners are going 26.2 miles to help find families for kids in foster care.

YGB will be running the marathon again in 2020. Last year, our Believers Team hit its goal - we expect 2020 to be just as exciting.

You can support our runners’ efforts by making a donation today!

YGB works with the most vulnerable youth other agencies have deemed too difficult to place in families. These youth are older, LGBTQ and have been in the system for a long time and/or have mental or behavioral health issues. Placement can be extremely difficult and takes time – typically 18-36 months – but the end result is priceless when YGB successfully connects youth to a family. It is a powerful gift that lasts a lifetime.

Join Our Believers Team

We know not everyone can run the TCS New York City Marathon but there are lots of ways to join and support our team to raise awareness of the urgent need for families to older kids in foster care.

Supporters made videos and shared their talents to root on You Gotta Believe runners and shared on social media. Donate a $1 for every marathon mile our runners faced – so $26 to support You Gotta Believe!

Want to make your own video?

Here are five simple steps:

1. Pull out your cell phone to record yourself or your pal
2. Think of a special talent you have, (push-ups, sing a scale, shoot a hoop, recite the lyrics from The Fresh Prince, blow a bubble gum bubble, jump rope, sing your favorite Lizzo song, wiggle your ears…whatever you do, we will love it)
3. Recite this script for the recording: “You Gotta Believe ran for kids in foster care! I can’t run the marathon, but I can do [insert your talent]
4. Show us your talent
5. Send your video to

Help YGB support its marathon runners – make a donation in honor of their heroic feat today!

Meet some of our recent families: