It’s never too late for family.

Supporting Parents & Youth

Being a family is tough work.

That’s why we stick around to help youth and parents in their journey together.

YGB provides ongoing support services for teens, parents, and families before, during, and after matches have been made. Because we know that being a new family can be tough – for both parents and children. Many of our staff have been down this road as both adoptees and adoptive parents and we know first-hand the challenges and joys of making an unconditional commitment to being a family. Specifically:

  • We provide individual support through telephone coaching and in-person meetings.
  • We provide parent education and support groups and monthly in-service training for current foster and adoptive parents.
  • We also connect new parents with experienced parents and ensure that someone is there to listen in times of both crisis and celebration .

We are always here to help for as long as we are needed. Period.

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