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It wouldn’t be New Year’s Day without our annual You Gotta Believe Penguin Plunge!

It’s when we – staff, youth, families, and supporters and members of the YGB family – plunge into the freezing sea to raise awareness and funds for the thousands of young people who are left out in the cold when we allow them to leave foster care without the lifetime support of an unconditionally committed family.

This year was no exception. At 1:10 pm on New Year’s Day, the YGB family jumped (walked and ran…) in to the freezing sea at Coney Island, Brooklyn NY.

And thanks to your support, we raised nearly $18,000 to help connect more young people to lifetime families.

We took the plunge in 2016 and went ‘all in’ to make sure that no youth leaves the foster care system without the one thing they were promised: a permanent, loving family.

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